History of James Avenue

The James Avenue congregation came into being in 1939. Services were held in the home of Brother and Sister Pats. At that time, there were nine members – Brother and Sister Pats, Brother and Sister Leroy Marsh, Sister Pippin, Brother and Sister Raymond Thomas and Brother and Sister Carney Weaver.

Shortly after that time, the meeting place was moved to the home of Sister Pippin. Then, as the group began to grow, their quarters were moved to a chicken house at the back of the home of Brother Bob Reed. The Lord blessed the growth of the group, and very soon the chicken house was purchased and moved to the lower lot, which is now the site of the Church’s parking lot.

Losing their building to fire one wintry Sunday evening, the group was saddened but not defeated. Fifteen dollars in the treasury and a fifty cent donation cleared the title to the lot and the group began to build again. Crow Lumber Company and neighbors joined the effort. A little white building was erected and was the home of the congregation until 1962 when, by God’s grace, the congregation had grown sufficiently to build its present building. The little white building was subsequently moved down the street and was bricked and converted to a duplex family dwelling by its new owner.

James Avenue Church of Christ 1965
The James Avenue Church of Christ building. Taken in 1965.

The congregation was excited about their new church home. However, very quickly, the need for additional classrooms was experienced. Thus the education wing was added which now houses the Church Library, Fellowship Room and Computer Resource Center in addition to several classrooms.

The fruits of their labor are the young people who have grown up here and are now devout Christians working for the Lord as elders, preachers, teachers, accountants, and Godly parents, exemplifying the scripture “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. ” (Matt. 6:33).

God continues to bless us with every need. This labor of love is rewarding indeed.

Ministers who have served the JA family:

J. D. Westmoreland
James Costello (1960-1965)
Charles Cochran (1965-1970)
Robert (Bob) Hatchett (1970-1975)
Robert (Bob) Hooper
Dwayne Davenport
Don Smith
Bill Shouse
Jimmy Dorris
Rex Moorer
David Estes
Tony Stafford
Tim Brown
Brian Tipps (2003-2013)
Jerry Ladd, Sr (2014-Present)